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"Improved understanding of existing transatlantic efforts and the creation of new communication links and potential joint initiatives."

About Objective 4

  • Synchronous and asynchronous interactions in year one will improve target groups’ understanding of each other’s’ perspectives, goals, and lines of action.

  • Synchronous and asynchronous interactions in year two will work toward the creation of sustainable feedback loops with the civil society actors and with US and EU policymakers.

Business Meeting

The tangible results of this objective include:

  • There will be the dialogues (which themselves will be supplemented by readings provided asynchronously to the participants) as well as sidebar conversations among CSO participants that will be encouraged by the facilitators.

  • The outcomes are improved understanding of transatlantic efforts (assessed via the pre-test/post-test approach mentioned earlier) and the conceptual roadmaps and Plans of Action (PoAs) produced for each of the domains.

  • There is improved CSO cooperation, improved public policy, and improved societal conditions in each issue domain.

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