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"Implementation of civil society policy dialogues."

About Objective 3

  • Coordinate and fund EU-US civil society policy- and practice- oriented dialogues via online and (pandemic-permitting) face-to-face exchanges, primarily in the United States.


  • Use the synchronous and asynchronous conversations to develop a strategic civil society agenda and problem definition regarding current challenges and opportunities for EU-US cooperation in each of the seven domains mentioned above.


  • Based on the roadmap above, develop Plans of Action (PoAs) that propose policy and transatlantic practice recommendations for each of the seven domains.

Meeting the Staff

The tangible results of this objective include:

  • There will be EU-US problem- and results–oriented dialogues in both online and face-to-face format. Subject-area experts will facilitate these dialogues, assisted by graduate-student rapporteurs who are studying transatlantic public policy.

  • The outcomes are an increased likelihood of achieving Objectives 4 and 5 via skilled facilitation of dialogues regarding topics identified with stakeholder involvement.

  • There is greater understanding and cooperation among transatlantic CSOs per Objective 4.

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