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"To understand EU, US and transatlantic efforts."

About the project

The overall objective of the TRACK-STAR: TRAnsatlantic Civil society dialogues with Key policy STAkeholdeRs project is to establish a mutually beneficial collaboration platform between EU and US civil society organisations (CSOs) and dialogue on seven vital policy areas in EU-US relations. The seven policy areas include climate change, particularly the European Green Deal (including 'Farm to Fork' strategy); energy; circular economy and biodiversity; digital economy; trade and investment; democracy and transparency; and regulatory cooperation.


Despite three current overlapping crises in transatlantic relations (political frictions, pandemic dangers, and economic challenges), the project will facilitate best practices in dialogue facilitation combined thoughtfully with telecommuting work practices to bolster civil society cooperation and linkages to policymakers to the benefit of the society.

The tangible results of the proposed project’s overall objective will be:

  • An organisational and financial framework that will support the setup of seven Working Groups (WG) to foster dialogues between the EU and the United States.

  • These WG dialogues will improve understanding of European, US, and transatlantic efforts and will build out improved feedback loops with policymakers.

  • During the application phase, the project team already assembled an initial core team of issue specialists on these seven policy areas to inform the scoping of the working groups via their sense of the societal, CSO, and governing dynamics, and beginning the groundwork for the recruitment of members.

  • The outputs of the dialogues will provide reports on strategic agendas, recommendations and roadmap details on prioritised areas for joint activities that would be mutually beneficial to both EU and US policymakers. These reports, in the form of a Yearbook, would be generated on an annual basis, or at an agreed timeline with the policymakers.

  • The outputs would also be geared towards generating policy ideas in a quicker manner and enable fruitful follow-ups to be attained in the EU, United States, and possibly beyond.

  • Policy dialogue partnerships with built-in exploitation and sustainability models as a core principle.

There are five specific objectives to the proposed action, with sub-objectives, leading to tangible results, as follows:

Objective 1. Coordinating and charting the landscape and prioritising topics for Transatlantic Civil Society Dialogues

Objective 2. Training in dialogue facilitation, active listening, and conflict management

Objective 3. Implementation of civil society policy dialogues

Objective 4. Improved understanding of existing transatlantic efforts and the creation of new communication links and potential joint initiatives

Objective 5. Visibility, exploitation, and sustainability

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